Dimensions and File Formats of Motions

All of our newest Motions are available in both Standard and High Definition (HD). We produce all of our Motions at a frame rate of 29.97 or 30p. Our Motions are progressive format, meaning they don't contain interlaced fields. Since they are progressive, our Motions look great on computer screens and projectors.

Standard Definition Size: 640x480 (also called 480p)

High Definition Size: 1280x720 (also called 720p)

I'm on a PC

If you're using worship software on Windows, the best file format to use is the MPEG-1. Depending on your graphics card and equipment, you should be able to run either Standard or HD Motions smoothly.

I'm on a Mac

If you're running software on OS X, the best format to use is Quicktime MOV. Our Quicktime files are processed as h.264 with an AAC audio codec.