Do Motions Work With Powerpoint or Keynote?


With the launch of Powerpoint 2010, Microsoft announced the official support for video files in presentations. Microsoft has published a complete list of compatible video and audio formats for Powerpoint.

While Powerpoint 2010 does support video playing and looping on each slide, it can't seamlessly transition two slides with the same video. Powerpoint also won't allow you to set a video as a background on a master slide. Microsoft has announced that this will be possible in the next release of Powerpoint.

A Sermon Open or Motion on a slide is possible, but Powerpoint isn't the best choice for lyrics with moving backgrounds and that's where specifically designed worship software comes in. If you're on a PC, take a look at Pro Presenter, EasyWorship, Media Shout or SongShowPlus. On a Mac, the best option is Pro Presenter.

Apple Keynote

Motions integrate a lot easier into Keynote for presentations and sermon illustrations. Similar to Powerpoint, Keynote isn't designed to be a good solution for worship backgrounds for lyrics. Motions can be placed into the background of slides, but the motion will restart play on each slide.