How Do I Search?

Using the Search Bar

To search for a topic, image or verse related to a design, just type your search into the main Search Bar and hit Return. You can search for a Book of the Bible or even a specific verse to view items that match a particular passage.

Search by Title and Keyword

You can select the magnifying glass button to the right of the main Search Bar to reveal an Advanced Menu that lets you target your search. As you type a book or keyword, a helper list appears below the search field to suggest items we have in our database already. This can assist with spelling, specific terms or word combinations.

Using the Sidebar

Finding the Newest Items

In the Sidebar, we've made it very easy to find the latest Still or Motion designs. Under either the Stills or Motions heading in the Sidebar, select the "Newest" link to see a result of all items sorted by most recent.

Featured Content

At the top of the Sidebar, we add featured content collections based on the season or current monthly church promotions.

Browsing Stills and Motions

Under the Stills and Motions headings in the sidebar, we have listed some popular groupings for you to easily browse through when looking for a particular design or content type.

Filtering Search Results

When you have multiple pages of designs, you can narrow your results with the Filter Bar at the top of the results page. This bar allows you to navigate between pages, filter the content to show only Stills or Motions, and sort the content by most recent, popularity and alphabetically. You can also change the number of items displayed on the page by scrolling down to the bottom and selecting "Show More."