Using Bookmarks

If you find a design you want to download later, you can Bookmark items into folders under your account. This is also a great way to share designs with others on staff before using them in service.

The Bookmark button is a small icon at the bottom of each thumbnail or next to the download button on the detail page. Clicking this button will reveal a Bookmark Menu where you can select a previously created Bookmark Folder to file the design into, or create a new Bookmark Folder. If you have not created a custom bookmark folder previously, the item will go into your "My Favorites" folder.

Selecting "Create a new folder" lets you title your folder before adding the file. You can also create custom folders from the Bookmarks page.

Viewing Bookmarked Items

You can browse your bookmarked items by selecting Bookmarks in the main navigation bar. From here, you can see all of your Bookmark Folders and even create new folders for later use.