Using Photoshop Files

To use Photoshop files, you will need access to Adobe Photoshop. Photoshop files can often contain several layers including fonts. You may receive an error message if you do not have the original font that was used in the design. In these instances, you can either install the font on your computer or rasterize the font layer.

Folders and Layers

The PSD that you open will have 3 main folders: TITLE, CONTENT and CONTENT B. Each of these match the JPG layouts, but you have the ability to edit and make changes to the layered design. We have labeled each item in these folders to be as informative as possible (title, subtitle, texture, background, etc).

Smart Objects

To make editing easier, we have grouped some elements into Smart Objects. These function like a collapsed folder of layers and make the layer window a bit easier to manage. To edit a Smart Object, double-click the small icon on the layer and a new document will open. Once your changes have been made, save and your changes will immediately take affect. The Smart Object document that opens is actually a temporary file that is saved into your current Photoshop document.